A Word from Our CEO

When Bill Rouse, our founder, hired me in 2001 to be Liberty's chief investment officer, he said something I thought at the time was very strange. He told me that my performance, and my advancement, would be judged not by him, but by my peers. I totally did not get that. Wasn't Bill the CEO? Didn't he make all the decisions?

It didn't take long for me to understand. Liberty is a place where people work together in collaboration. We help others learn and advance, and we help ourselves in the process. We believe, with all our hearts, that our culture has a positive impact on the services and products we provide for our customers.

Liberty has room for many people, many different kinds of people with many different talents, but all with a passion for achieving success through mutual trust and cooperation.

We want you to succeed. Come and join us.

Bill Hankowsky
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

William P. Hankowsky